oauth renew and multiple cliente

I can't have 2 instances of an application connected using oauth and the same user. Steps to reproduce: 1. Log your first application instance ( the application will get access_token1 and renew_token1) 2. Log your second application instance (the application will get access_token2 and renew_token2) 3. wait 3600 seconds, access_token1 will expire and when the first instance try to renew it using renew_token1, an invalid_grant message will be removed, the second instance will be able to renew using renew_token2.


    Indeed it is only possible to recieve one pair of access token and refresh token related to one application (client iD). Can you please explain your use case and what you want to archieve? Best regards, your ABB Developer Portal Team
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 22 Oct 2020 06:37:21 GMT

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