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How to use the free@home cloud API to access and control your smart home

The free@home Cloud API gives you access to a free@home home automation system and lets you control and monitor it. Additionally you can create virtual devices for the system.

The free@home Cloud API allows the developer to connect via a cloud service without the need to have local access to the home automation system at the enduser. Therefore only free@home home automation systems connected to the ABB myBuilding cloud are accessible via this API.

This API allows to query information about the current configuration of the free@home automation system including devices and their current states. There are endpoints to query and change the current state of devices, also it is possible to get updates about changes. To extend the free@home home automation system it is possible to register virtual devices in the enduser system, this can be used to have a proxy device in free@home of a real device the API user manages.

The free@home cloud API uses OAuth2 to grant and revoke access to the cloud. To access the API you need a working OAuth2 client that is able to receive the refresh and access tokens from the ABB myBuildings OAuth2 provider. The permissions of the token are used to restrict access to the devices. Depending of the scope of your access token you may not see all devices and/or your are not allowed to change datapoints.