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Pairing IDs

Here is a list of currently used pairing ids in free@home:

Pairing ID Name Description Comment
0x0001 AL_SWITCH_ON_OFF Switch On/Off Binary Switch value
0x0002 AL_TIMED_START_STOP Timed Start/Stop For staircase lighning or movement detection
0x0003 AL_FORCED Force-position Forces value dependent high priority on or off state
0x0004 AL_SCENE_CONTROL Scene Control Recall or learn the set value related to encoded scene number
0x0006 AL_TIMED_MOVEMENT Movement under consideration of brightness Activation of an autonomous switch off function triggered by an movement detector
0x0007 AL_TIMED_PRESENCE Presence Announces presence triggered by an movement detector to be used by e.g. RTCs. Is independent of brightness and can be used for alerts e.g.
0x0010 AL_RELATIVE_SET_VALUE_CONTROL Relative Set Value Relative dimming value
0x0011 AL_ABSOLUTE_SET_VALUE_CONTROL Absolute Set Value Absolute control of the set value
0x0012 AL_NIGHT Night Toggle between day and night (where day = 0 / night = 1)
0x0013 AL_RESET_ERROR invalid string id Resets load failures / short circuits / etc
0x0015 AL_RGB RGB color RGB Color coded in three bytes
0x0016 AL_COLOR_TEMPERATURE Color Temperature Color temperature
0x0017 AL_HSV HSV Hue (2 Byte) / Saturation (1 Byte) / Value (1 Byte / brightness)
0x0018 AL_COLOR HUE Hue (2 Byte)
0x0019 AL_SATURATION Saturation Saturation (1 Byte)
0x0020 AL_MOVE_UP_DOWN Move Up/Down Moves sunblind up (0) and down (1)
0x0021 AL_STOP_STEP_UP_DOWN Adjust Up/Down Stops the sunblind and to step it up/down
0x0023 AL_SET_ABSOLUTE_POSITION_BLINDS_PERCENTAGE Set Absolute Position Blinds Moves the sunblinds into a specified position
0x0024 AL_SET_ABSOLUTE_POSITION_SLATS_PERCENTAGE Set Absolute Position Slats Moves the slats into a specified position
0x0025 AL_WIND_ALARM Wind Alarm State of the wind sensor (sent cyclically and on COV) Moves the sunblind to a secure position and to block it for any further control
0x0026 AL_FROST_ALARM Frost Alarm State of the frost sensor (sent cyclically and on COV) Moves the sunblind to a secure position and to block it for any further control
0x0027 AL_RAIN_ALARM Rain Alarm State of the rain sensor (sent cyclically and on COV)
0x0028 AL_FORCED_UP_DOWN Force-position blind Forces value dependent high priority up or down state
0x0029 AL_WINDOW_DOOR_POSITION Window/Door position Delivers position for Window/Door (Open / Tilted / Closed)
0x0030 AL_ACTUATING_VALUE_HEATING Actuating Value Heating Determines the through flow volume of the control valve
0x0031 AL_FAN_COIL_LEVEL Fan Level Heating Display value of the fan coil speed. (0=off / 1=lowest - 5=fastest)
0x0032 AL_ACTUATING_VALUE_COOLING Actuating Value Cooling Determines the through flow volume of the control valve
0x0033 AL_SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE Set Value Temperature Defines the displayed set point temperature of the system
0x0034 AL_RELATIVE_SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE Relative Set Point Temperature Defines the relative set point temperature of the system
0x0035 AL_WINDOW_DOOR Window/Door Open = 1 / closed = 0
0x0036 AL_STATE_INDICATION Status indication states: on/off heating/cooling; eco/comfort; frost/not frost
0x0037 AL_FAN_MANUAL_ON_OFF Fan Manual Heating On/Off Switches Fan in manual control mode (master to slave)
0x0038 AL_CONTROLLER_ON_OFF Controller On/Off Switches controller on or off. Off means protection mode
0x0039 AL_RELATIVE_SET_POINT_REQUEST Relative Set Point Request Request for a new relative set point value
0x003A AL_ECO_ON_OFF Eco mode On/Off Request Switches eco mode on or off
0x003B AL_COMFORT_TEMPERATURE Comfort Temperature Sends the current comfort temperature
0x0040 AL_FAN_STAGE_REQUEST Fan Level Request Request for a new manual fan stage
0x0041 AL_FAN_MANUAL_ON_OFF_REQUEST Fan Manual On/Off Request WARNING: DO NOT USE!!!! Request for switching fan in manual/auto mode
0x0042 AL_CONTROLLER_ON_OFF_REQUEST Controller On/Off Request Request for switching controller on or off. Off means protection mode
0x0044 AL_ECO_ON_OFF_INDICATION Eco mode On/Off Request Indicates ECO mode
0x0100 AL_INFO_ON_OFF Info On/Off Reflects the binary state of the actuator
0x0101 AL_INFO_FORCE Force-position info Indicates the cause of forced operation (0 = not forced)
0x0105 AL_SYSAP_INFO_ON_OFF SysAP-InfoOnOff Reflects the binary state of the actuator group
0x0106 AL_SYSAP_INFO_FORCE SysAP-InfoForce Indicates whether the actuator group is forced (1) or not forced (0)
0x0110 AL_INFO_ACTUAL_DIMMING_VALUE Info Actual Dimming Value Reflects the actual value of the actuator
0x0111 AL_INFO_ERROR Info Error Indicates load failures / short circuits / etc
0x0115 AL_SYSAP_INFO_ACTUAL_DIMMING_VALUE SysAP-InfoCurrentDimmingValue Reflects the actual value of the actuator group
0x0116 AL_SYSAP_INFO_ERROR SysAP-InfoError Indicates load failures / short circuits / etc
0x0118 AL_INFO_COLOR_TEMPERATURE Info Color Temperature Color temperature
0x011A AL_SYSAP_INFO_COLOR_TEMPERATURE SysAP-Info Color Temperature Color temperature
0x011B AL_INFO_HSV Info HSV Hue (2 Byte) Saturation (1 Byte); Value (1 Byte - brightness)
0x011C AL_SYSAP_INFO_HSV SysAP Info HSV Hue (2 Byte) Saturation (1 Byte); Value (1 Byte - brightness)
0x011D AL_INFO_COLOR_MODE Info Color Mode hsv or ct
0x011E AL_SYSAP_INFO_COLOR_MODE SysAP Info Color Mode hsv or ct
0x0120 AL_INFO_MOVE_UP_DOWN Info Move Up/Down Indicates last moving direction and whether moving currently or not
0x0121 AL_CURRENT_ABSOLUTE_POSITION_BLINDS_PERCENTAGE Current Absolute Position Blinds Percentage Indicate the current position of the sunblinds in percentage
0x0122 AL_CURRENT_ABSOLUTE_POSITION_SLATS_PERCENTAGE Current Absolute Position Slats Percentage Indicate the current position of the slats in percentage
0x0125 AL_SYSAP_INFO_MOVE_UP_DOWN SysAP-InfoMoveUpDown Indicates last moving direction and whether moving currently or not of the actuator group
0x0126 AL_SYSAP_CURRENT_ABSOLUTE_POSITION_BLINDS_PERCENTAGE SysAP-InfoCurrentAbsoluteBlindsPercentage indicate the current position of the sunblinds in percentage of the actuator group
0x0127 AL_SYSAP_CURRENT_ABSOLUTE_POSITION_SLATS_PERCENTAGE SysAP-InfoCurrentAbsoluteSlatsPercentage indicate the current position of the slats in percentage of the actuator group
0x0130 AL_MEASURED_TEMPERATURE Measured Temperature Indicates the actual measured temperature
0x0131 AL_INFO_VALUE_HEATING Info Value Heating States the current flow volume of the conrol valve
0x0132 AL_INFO_VALUE_COOLING Info value cooling States the current flow volume of the conrol valve
0x0135 AL_HEATING_COOLING Switchover heating/cooling switch between heating and cooling: heating = 0 / cooling = 1
0x0136 AL_ACTUATING_FAN_STAGE_HEATING Actuating Fan Stage Heating Requests a new manual fan stage from actuator in heating mode
0x0140 AL_INFO_ABSOLUTE_SET_POINT_REQUEST Absolute setpoint temperature Absolute set point temperature input for timer
0x0141 AL_INFO_ACTUATING_VALUE_ADD_HEATING Additional heating value info Feedback
0x0142 AL_INFO_ACTUATING_VALUE_ADD_COOLING Additional cooling value info Feedback
0x0143 AL_ACTUATING_VALUE_ADD_HEATING Control value additional heating
0x0144 AL_ACTUATING_VALUE_ADD_COOLING Control value additional cooling
0x0145 AL_INFO_FAN_ACTUATING_STAGE_HEATING Info Actuating Fan Stage Heating Feedback from FCA
0x0146 AL_INFO_FAN_MANUAL_ON_OFF_HEATING Info Actuating Fan Manual On/Off Heating Feedback from FCA
0x0147 AL_ACTUATING_FAN_STAGE_COOLING Actuating Fan Stage Cooling Requests a new manual fan stage from actuator in cooling mode
0x0149 AL_INFO_FAN_ACTUATING_STAGE_COOLING Info Fan Stage Cooling Feedback for current fan stage in cooling mode
0x014A AL_INFO_FAN_MANUAL_ON_OFF_COOLING Info Fan Manual On/Off Cooling Feedback for manual fan control cooling mode
0x014B AL_HEATING_ACTIVE Heating active
0x014C AL_COOLING_ACTIVE Cooling active
0x014D AL_HEATING_DEMAND Heating demand
0x014E AL_COOLING_DEMAND Cooling demand
0x014F AL_INFO_HEATING_DEMAND Heating demand feedback signal
0x0150 AL_INFO_COOLING_DEMAND Cooling demand feedback signal
0x0151 AL_HUMIDITY Humidity Measured Humidity
0x0152 AL_AUX_ON_OFF_REQUEST Aux On/Off request Aux On/Off request
0x0153 AL_AUX_ON_OFF_RESPONSE Aux On/Off response Aux On/Off response
0x0154 AL_HEATING_ON_OFF_REQUEST Heating On/Off request Heating On/Off request
0x0155 AL_COOLING_ON_OFF_REQUEST Cooling On/Off request Cooling On/Off request
0x0156 AL_INFO_OPERATION_MODE Operation mode
0x0158 AL_SUPPORTED_FEATURES Supported features
0x0159 AL_EXTENDED_STATUS Extended Status Indication
0x015A AL_EXTENDED_STATUS_US Extended Status Indication
0x015B AL_AUX_HEATING_ON_OFF_REQUEST Aux Heating On Off Request
0x015C AL_EMERGENCY_HEATING_ON_OFF_REQUEST Emergency Heating On Off Request
0x0160 AL_RELATIVE_FAN_SPEED_CONTROL Relative fan speed control Relative control of the set value
0x0161 AL_ABSOLUTE_FAN_SPEED_CONTROL Absolute fan speed control Absolute control of the set value
0x0162 AL_INFO_ABSOLUTE_FAN_SPEED Info absolute fan speed Reflects the actual value of the actuator
0x0163 AL_SYSAP_INFO_ABSOLUTE_FAN_SPEED SysAP-InfoActualFanSpeed Reflects the actual value of the actuator
0x01A0 AL_NOTIFICATION_FLAGS Notification flags Notifications of RF devices (e. g. Battery low)
0x0280 AL_BOOL_VALUE_1 Power RC Bool Value 1
0x0281 AL_BOOL_VALUE_2 Power RH Bool Value 2
0x0282 AL_BOOL_VALUE_3 Proximity status Bool Value 3
0x0290 AL_SCALING_VALUE_1 Brightness sensor Scaling Value 1
0x0291 AL_SCALING_VALUE_2 Last touch Scaling Value 2
0x0292 AL_SCALING_VALUE_3 LED backlighting night mode Scaling Value 3
0x02C0 AL_LOCATOR_BEEP Locator beep Locator Beep
0x02C1 AL_SWITCH_TEST_ALARM Switch test alarm Switch Test Alarm
0x02C3 AL_FIRE_ALARM_ACTIVE Fire alarm active Fire-Alarm Active
0x0400 AL_OUTDOOR_TEMPERATURE Outside temperature Outdoor Temperature
0x0401 AL_WIND_FORCE Wind force Wind force
0x0402 AL_BRIGHTNESS_ALARM Brightness alarm Brightness alarm
0x0403 AL_BRIGHTNESS_LEVEL Lux value Weatherstation brightness level
0x0404 AL_WIND_SPEED Wind speed Wind speed
0x0406 AL_RAIN_SENSOR_FREQUENCY Rain sensor frequency
0x0440 AL_MEDIA_PLAY Play Start playing
0x0441 AL_MEDIA_PAUSE Pause Pause/Stop playing
0x0442 AL_MEDIA_NEXT Next Play next title
0x0443 AL_MEDIA_PREVIOUS Previous Play previous title
0x0444 AL_MEDIA_PLAY_MODE Play mode Play mode (shuffle / repeat)
0x0445 AL_MEDIA_MUTE Mute Mute (1) and unmute (0) a player
0x0446 AL_RELATIVE_VOLUME_CONTROL Relative volume control Relative volume control. See also relative dimming
0x0447 AL_ABSOLUTE_VOLUME_CONTROL Absolute volume control Set player volume
0x0448 AL_GROUP_MEMBERSHIP Group membership
0x0449 AL_PLAY_FAVORITE Play favorite
0x044A AL_PLAY_NEXT_FAVORITE Play next favorite
0x0460 AL_PLAYBACK_STATUS Playback status
0x0461 AL_INFO_MEDIA_CURRENT_ITEM_METADATA Current item metadata info
0x0462 AL_INFO_MUTE Info mute
0x0463 AL_INFO_ACTUAL_VOLUME Info actual volume
0x0464 AL_ALLOWED_PLAYBACK_ACTIONS Allowed playback actions
0x0465 AL_INFO_GROUP_MEMBERSHIP Info group membership
0x0466 AL_INFO_PLAYING_FAVORITE Info playing favorite
0x0467 AL_ABSOLUTE_GROUP_VOLUME_CONTROL Absolute Group Volume Control
0x0468 AL_INFO_ABSOLUTE_GROUP_VOLUME Info Absolute Group Volume
0x04A0 AL_SOLAR_POWER_PRODUCTION Solar power production Power from the sun
0x04A1 AL_INVERTER_OUTPUT_POWER Inverter output power Output power of inverter (pbatt+Psun)
0x04A2 AL_SOLAR_ENERGY_TODAY Solar energy (today) Produced Energy
0x04A3 AL_INJECTED_ENERGY_TODAY Injected energy (today) Energy into the grid
0x04A4 AL_PURCHASED_ENERGY_TODAY Purchased energy (today) Energy from the grid
0x04A5 AL_NOTIFICATION_RUN_STANDALONE Inverter alarm Inverter is working in stand alone mode
0x04A6 AL_SELF_CONSUMPTION Self-consumption production PV/ Total consumption
0x04A7 AL_SELF_SUFFICIENCY Self-sufficiency Consumption from PV/ Total consumption
0x04A8 AL_HOME_POWER_CONSUMPTION Home power consumption Power in home (PV and grid)
0x04A9 AL_POWER_TO_GRID Power to grid Power from and to the grid: Purchased (less than 0), Injection (more than 0)
0x04AA AL_CONSUMED_ENERGY_TODAY Consumed energy (today) Energy bought from grid per day
0x04AC AL_SOC Battery level Battery level
0x04AD AL_BATTERY_POWER Battery power Batter power: Discharge (less then 0), Charge (more then 0)
0x04B0 AL_BOOST_ENABLE_REQUEST Boost 1: Boost enable request, 0: boost disable request
0x04B1 AL_STOP_CHARGING_SESSIONS_REQUEST Stop charging reuqest 1: Stop charging session requested, 0: n/a so far, will be resetted when cable is unplugged
0x04B2 AL_STOP_ENABLE_CHARGING_REQUEST Enable charging reuqest 1: Enable charging when cable is plugged in, 0: Disable next charging session but charge until cable is plugged
0x04B3 AL_INFO_BOOST Info boost 1: Boost enabled, 0: boost disabled
0x04B4 AL_INFO_WALLBOX_STATUS Info wallbox status Wallbox status 00000001: car plugged in, 00000002: Authorization granted, 00000004: Not charging, battery fully loaded, 40000000: charging stopped due to blackout prevention, 80000000: Ground fault error
0x04B5 AL_INFO_CHARGING Info charging 1: Charging, 0: Not charging
0x04B6 AL_INFO_CHARGING_ENABLED Info charging enabled 1: Charging enabled for next session, 0: Charging disabled for next session
0x04B7 AL_INFO_INSTALLED_POWER Info installed power Installed power (e.g. 20 kW)
0x04B8 AL_INFO_ENERGY_TRANSMITTED Info transmitted energy Energy transmitted so far per session (in Wh)
0x04B9 AL_INFO_CAR_RANGE Info car range Car range in km per sessions
0x04BA AL_INFO_START_OF_CHARGING_SESSION Info charging duration Start of charging session (in minutes in UTC)
0x04BB AL_INFO_LIMIT_FOR_CHARGER Info current limit Limit for charger (in kW)
0x04BC AL_INFO_LIMIT_FOR_CHARGER_GROUP Info current limit for group Limit for group of charger (in kW)
0x04BD AL_INFO_ALBUM_COVER_URL Album cover URL Album cover URL
0x0501 AL_DISARM_SYSTEM secure@home Central Unit Encrypted control datapoint for domus alarm center
0x0502 AL_DISARM_COUNTER DomusDisarmCounter Info about the next counter to disarm the system
0x0504 AL_INFO_INTRUSION_ALARM Intrusion Alarm Intrusion Alarm
0x0505 AL_INFO_SAFETY_ALARM Safety Alarm Safety Alarm
0x0507 AL_INFO_ERROR_STATUS InfoConfigurationStatus Domus alarm device negative feedback and configuration info.
0x0508 AL_ENABLE_CONFIGURATION Enable configuration Encrypted control datapoint for entering configuration mode
0x0509 AL_DOMUS_ZONE_CONTROL Disarming LED Arm/Disarm a Zone
0x050A AL_DOMUS_KEY_INFO AES Key Manufacturer ID + Serial + AES Key
0x050B AL_ZONE_STATUS Zone status Zone status
0x050E AL_DOMUS_DISARM_DELAY_TIME Time Absolute number of seconds when the zone will be armed
0x0600 AL_START_STOP Start / Stop Starts / Stops operation
0x0601 AL_PAUSE_RESUME Pause / Resume
0x0602 AL_SELECT_PROGRAM Select program
0x0603 AL_DELAYED_START_TIME Delayed start time
0x0604 AL_INFO_STATUS Info status
0x0605 AL_INFO_REMOTE_START_ENABLED Info remote start enabled
0x0606 AL_INFO_PROGRAM Info program
0x0607 AL_INFO_FINISH_TIME Info finish time
0x0608 AL_INFO_DELAYED_START_TIME Info delayed start
0x0609 AL_INFO_DOOR Info door
0x060A AL_INFO_DOOR_ALARM Info door alarm
0x060B AL_SWITCH_SUPERCOOL Switch supercool
0x060C AL_SWITCH_SUPERFREEZE Switch superfreeze
0x060D AL_INFO_SWITCH_SUPERCOOL Info switch supercool
0x060E AL_INFO_SWITCH_SUPERFREEZE Info switch superfreeze
0x0610 AL_CURRENT_TEMPERATURE_APPLIANCE_2 Measured Temperature
0x0613 AL_CHANGE_OPERATION Change operation
0x0614 AL_INFO_VERBOSE_STATUS Detailed status info
0x0615 AL_INFO_REMAINING_TIME Info remaining time Remaining time till status change (start, finish, etc.)
0x0616 AL_INFO_STATUS_CHANGED_TIME Time of last status change (start, finish, etc.) Time of last status change (start, finish, etc.)
0x0618 AL_LOCK_UNLOCK_COMMAND Lock/Unlock door command Lock/Unlock door command (1 Bit)
0x0619 AL_INFO_LOCK_UNLOCK_COMMAND Info Locked / Unlocked Info Lock/Unlock door(1 Bit)
0xF001 AL_TIME_OF_DAY Time Current local time
0xF002 AL_DATE Date Curent local date
0xF003 AL_MESSAGE_CENTER_NOTIFICATION Notification Notification from message center
0xF101 AL_SWITCH_ENTITY_ON_OFF Switch entity On/Off Entity control e.g. activate an alert or timer program
0xF102 AL_INFO_SWITCH_ENTITY_ON_OFF Info switch entity On/Off Reflects the active state of an entity e.g. alert or timer program
0xF104 AL_CONSISTENCY_TAG Consistency Tag Notifications of RF devices (e. g. Battery low)
0xF105 AL_BATTERY_STATUS Battery Status Notifications of RF devices (e. g. Battery low)
0xF106 AL_STAY_AWAKE Stay awake! Notifications of RF devices (e. g. Battery low)
0xF107 AL_PROXY_1_TO_6_BIT Proxy switch
0xF108 AL_PROXY_1_BYTE Proxy, 1 byte
0xF109 AL_PROXY_2_BYTE Proxy, 2 byte
0xF10A AL_PROXY_4_BYTE Proxy, 4 byte
0xF10B AL_CYCLIC_SLEEP_TIME Cyclic sleep time Time of sleep cycles
0xF10C AL_SYSAP_PRESENCE Presence SysAP presence
0xF10D AL_SYSAP_TEMPERATURE Measured temperature 1 SysAP temperature
0xF10E AL_STANDBY_STATISTICS Standby Statistics Statistics about standby usage for battery devices
0xF10F AL_HEARTBEAT_DELAY Heartbeat delay Time period between two heartbeats
0xF110 AL_INFO_HEARTBEAT_DELAY Info heartbeat delay Time period between two heartbeats
0xFF01 AL_MEASURED_TEMPERATURE_1 Measured temperature 1 For debug purposes
0xFF02 AL_MEASURED_TEMPERATURE_2 Measured temperature 2 For debug purposes
0xFF03 AL_MEASURED_TEMPERATURE_3 Measured temperature 3 For debug purposes
0xFF04 AL_MEASURED_TEMPERATURE_4 Measured temperature 4 For debug purposes