Scene trigger information missing for Virtual Device triggers

Statement: When creating a virtual device using the local API, i'm unable to control the device trough scenes from the SYSAP. Situation: - The virtual device is created using the Local API (/fhapi/v1/api/rest/virtualdevice) with parameters: type=SwitchingActuator, TTL=180 - The device is able to recieve ON/OFF requests to ch0000/idp0000. Both using physical sensors as from the SYSAP webinterface. - The virtual device is coded to send replies by sending ch0000/odp0000 for ON/OFF actor status changes. - The device is working as expected in LightGroups. Problem: Scenes get triggered by a Scene request (AL_SCENE_CONTROL) to idp0003 on channel ch0000. However the content to the scene as documented in the API documentation, chapter ‘Scene support for virtual devices’ scenesTriggered is empty. Example recieved Json: 2021-11-25T15:35:10 {"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000": {"datapoints": {"60005CD9523A/ch0000/idp0003": "9"},"devices": {},"devicesAdded": [],"devicesRemoved": [],"scenesTriggered": {}}} Attached is the transcript for tests. I can provide full implementation code (C#, works both in Windows/Visual Studio and Linux/Mono 6.12)



    Added question with formatting as attachement for reference.
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 25 Nov 2021 14:55:22 GMT

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